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Picnic Menu Summer 2017

The word picnic consists of “pic” meaning to pick at food, and “nic” referring to something small. We provide the venue, the blanket, the food and all you need to do is find your spot by the lake and enjoy.

Pitta bread and hummus

Spanish style marinated olives

Crusty baguette (white or brown) with your choice of one of the following fillings:

Prawn with a Marie rose sauce; smoked salmon and cucumber; cheddar cheese with a mixed salad or Parma ham

Burt’s Crisps – choose your flavour at the bar

An apple

A homemade scone with clotted cream and jam

£16.00 per person
(Minimum two persons)
Please book in advance

Before you order your food and drinks please let us know if you have a food allergy or intolerance. Slight variations may occur to the menu depending on availability. Thank you.